Is She Learning to be Sarcastic 1:00 PM

The Lass is growing up. 
She is doing her own hair, taking care of her earrings, and maturing in countless ways - seen and unseen. 
She spends her days helping the kids around here - opening milk cartons, sharing her snack, walking kids to class, and who knows what else.  She has taken a leadership roll in her class.  She is impatiently waiting for her 2cd grade journal as she has stories (mysteries of course) waiting to be written.  I think, I hope, she will be happy in school this year. 
Yesterday she reported that she had math. 
The math teacher told the class that she had a surprise for them. 
The Lass spoke up (such a shy child) and said... "Are we going to have homework!"
She knew they weren't going to get homework.  She thought she was being clever/funny. 
Apparently the class and teacher did not understand this attempt at humor.  (I did - but it was a bit older than her audience)
Hopefully she is challenged or, it is going to be a long year filled with her attempts to be the class clown!