A Nice Birthday 9:38 AM

Yesterday was my birthday.  I woke up in a great mood, showered, and chatted with the cats.  Just a normal day. 
Then I decided that the cats needed a birthday treat. 
"Who wants a birthday chicken treat?"
The Lass sat straight up in bed... "I do!"
I laughed and looked at her.  "You want a birthday chicken treat?"
"Oh, I thought you said birthday cake."
The day was a good one - great weather, sweet furry friends, the Lass on her best behavior, fun gifts, cards, and calls...
We had cake, giggles, songs, an an exciting chapter of Harry Potter #3. 
There were many highlights, but I want to note one in particular. 
My grandparents called and left me a message which brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.  It was so sweet, surprising, and is now saved on my phone. 
My grandmother wished me a happy birthday with lots of love and happiness in the future... and my grandfather started singing happy birthday.  By the end, they were both singing.
It was a special call.  
What a wonderful birthday it was!