The Weekend 9:39 AM

The weekend was all about running errands and preparing for the trip to southern Virginia. Don't get me wrong, we had fun too.

Saturday Nonna and I took Tutu and Gramps to the airport for their flight back to Arizona. We came home, woke the Lass up and threw her in the car so that we could get Nonna into the city for her day of meetings. She made it, of course, and the rest of us came back out to the real world to enjoy bagels and breakfast outside - the weather was gorgeous from Thursday through Sunday.

We then did the shopping.

One of our purchases was a cat stroller. Yes, laugh, it is funny. In March we concluded that it would be easier for everyone if we had a cat stroller. This way we are not carrying 15+ pound cats 2 miles to the vet. The Lass can help with them if we have a stroller. So, we were off to buy a stroller.

Earlier in the week, Papa and the Lass found a blue cat stroller. Of course, the Lass loves blue, so there was no doubt that we would get a blue stroller.

But they didn't get it.

When we went back to get it, the blue strollers (there were three of them) were gone. We had a choice of pink or pink.

We have three girl cats. But we have one boy and the Lass loves blue.

Papa says that Phoenix wouldn't be respected as a fine male cat (which he is) if he rode in a "pink" stroller.

Thus we drove an additional 30 or so miles to get the blue stroller. Hey, we were out there anyway right! Nothing is too good for my male cat!

After burgers, relaxing and doing a few things around the house, we went back into the city to meet Nonna for dinner. YUM. We sat outside, enjoyed the fabulous weather, and had a great dinner.

Sunday was similar - Nonna in the city, breakfast outside, and then... I went to work while the Lass and Papa went treasure hunting.

Using a hand held GPS, they tried their hand at Geo Cashing.

If you have not been to Virginia, let me give you an idea of what our wooded areas are like in the summer - they are dense, difficult to navigate, and full of bugs. They are beautiful to look at but difficult to traverse. The descriptions given in Civil War accounts of the battles are correct.

This is what the explorers met when they set forth to find treasure.

They found the first, just a land mark with a historical note, and went on to find treasure number two, which was actually a treasure.

They ran out of time.

They are going to try again in the fall.

And we were off to lunch - me with friends and Nonna, Papa and the Lass just to eat.

The gorgeous day continued and then ended with us preparing for our mini vacation.