The Adventure Begins 8:10 AM

On Monday morning we traveled down the Eastern shore of Maryland to Chincoteague Island, Virginia where we would spend the next few days. Chincoteague is a community made famous by the book "Misty of Chincoteague." We first traveled here a few years ago where we fell in love with the clean, beautiful beach located just east of Chincoteague on a different island. The beach lacks commercialization and development as it is part of the National Park community.

In Chincoteague we visited the beach, enjoyed some great food, saw the ponies, and spent time relaxing. It is a great place to take a vacation.

We also ventured out of Chincoteague to explore one of the Virginia islands located in the Chesapeake Bay.

We traveled, via boat, to Tangier Island. Tangier was first explored by John Smith in 1608. A family settled on the island in the late 1600's. Many of the residents continue to have a trace of an Elizabethan accent in their speech - mostly the older generations.

For the tourist, there isn't much to do on the island. We did hear people speaking with the accent. We took a "golf cart tour" of the Island, which lasted all of fifteen minutes. The Lass played with a cat. We had a taste of ice cream and went shopping... and then we headed back to the boat to make the 1.5 hour journey back to the mainland. We all decided that it was interesting to go but a trip that we will not make again.