Friday 1:42 PM

Friday was "Play day!"

We left the Lass to entertain Papa, Tutu and Gramps. Apparently she did a good job. I slaved away in my office. Nonna sat in meetings, and they went Rock climbing!

The Lass climbed the 42 foot wall three times. Gramps was interested in the wall and everyone cheered for her. She had a great time. She thinks she is quite the gecko.

Then they went swimming. From what I understand, Gramps and the Lass swam while Papa and Tutu watched. The water was a bit chilly so they lasted a mere thirty minutes.

Papa and the Lass said good-bye to Tutu and Gramps and headed to the house to get ready to pick me up at work before we headed into the city to meet Nonna for Dinner.

Papa programmed the GPS.

Papa, that says we are going to Philadelphia.
Like many adults do, Papa turned off his hearing to focus on his task.
That says we are going to Philadelphia - she said to anyone that would listen.

We were off.

Why does it keep wanting us to go north?

It says we are going to Pennsylvania. She tried again but no one would listen.

Then I took us the wrong way on the interstate.

Papa pulled to the side of the road to check the GPS. It says we are going to Pennsylvania.

The Lass was vindicated!

We took the long way around to get into the city arriving at least fifteen minutes late. We did find parking just across the street though, which was excellent luck as we didn't see parking anywhere when we first circled.

We had a nice dinner, took Nonna to her last conference and then walked around while we waited. We were all exhausted.