Vacation Begins 2:26 PM

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from our home sweet home
In an SUV where we did sit.

The mate was Papa, he drove the car
Nonna controlled the map
I sat in the back with the lass
hoping I could nap.

But I am getting ahead of myself - vacation actually started when Nonna and Papa arrived and school ended though other than pick up the house, the family didn't do much. (Which is an understatement as Nonna, Papa, and the wee lass worked hard Monday and Tuesday.

Then, they piled into the car and drove to MD to pick up Tutu and Gramps.

I suggested that they arrive back in the area by 4 so that they wouldn't hit traffic.

No worries there.

I got a call about 2 - they were in the area, had just eaten, and were looking for the ABC.

Seriously, the ABC?

They found the ABC, bought what they had to buy, and headed to my house for a visit. The wee lass happily reported that Tutu and Gramps were on the 22cd floor of the hotel near our house. From the windows of the room they could see my office building. Exciting. You can tell we spend way too much time at the office.

A nice visit was had when I came home from my meeting at ballet.

And then we hit the hay knowing that Thursday would be a busy day.