That's My Mom 11:28 AM

It was award ceremony day. The wee lass was prepared to receive recognition for her athletic accomplishments. We didn't exactly know what to expect. In fact, I didn't mention it to her at all before school on "the" day.

She came home to tell me that she didn't win anything but that they had called her name for the PAL award even though she won it in February. She didn't receive anything for walking over 100 miles as a kid in first grade walked more miles than did she. We all find this kind of hard to believe given that the lass and I walk everywhere, but... we were not keeping track of our miles as well as we could have. I assured her that if she wanted, we would make a point of noting each mile next year.

But she did get to go on stage.

And they called my name for the PAL award too. (I had submitted the form for the fun of it never imagining that I would receive recognition).

"They called my name?"
"And what happened?"
"I told them, that's my mom!"

She thinks it is pretty funny that they keep recognizing me though I am not a student.