To the Capitol 9:19 AM

On Thursday we met Tutu and Gramps for lunch near the White House. The lunch was good. The company was even better. The wee lass proved herself quite assertive.

She ordered a hot dog.
The hot dog came - it was broiled/grilled. This meant it was black in parts. She wouldn't eat it. Nonna decided to skin the hot dog. Now, we all know that a skinned hot dog does not look very good so it was no surprise that she wouldn't eat that one either. She was going to try some of my pasta when the waiter scurried by.

"Excuse me"
"Yes" He was very nice about it.
"I would like a BOILED hot dog."
"I will put that right in"
And he went back to the order he was placing for another table.

We finished and still no hot dog. But, it finally came. She gobbled it down.

And then we were finished and ready to make our way to the Russell building for our tour of the Capitol.

Tutu and Gramps took a taxi. We decided to walk. We had plenty of time, it wasn't too hot, and we wanted to check out a memorial or two.

We walked and we walked. The wee lass and papa played in the sprinklers. And we walked some more.

And yet, we still had not arrived at the Korea Memorial. With 45 minutes to spare, we turned to go back to the Russell building.

We walked, and walked, and walked some more.

We arrived a few minutes late, but we did arrive!

And then we had a 45 minute wait to get into the Capitol. Tutu and Gramps decided that they didn't want to wait so went back to the hotel. The lass and papa sat on the floor while we chatted with our guide.

And then... we were in the Capitol via the underground highway.

The wee lass took charge. She listened to the guide. She asked lots of questions. She examined the art work and the statues. She was a good kid and full of curiosity. She even informed the guide that her favorite president was... of course, Lincoln.

We even watched a few minutes of the Senate, which included a few pages and senators on the floor. Everyone else was somewhere doing something else. Government in action you know.

We ended with dinner at the hotel with Tutu and Gramps and great plans for Friday.