A New Second Grader on the Block 10:51 AM

The wee lass got her report card today.

"I got an N and an S."
"You did what?" That is me, shocked.
"She is going to second grade." Nonna adds from the front seat.

The report card is at the house; we are headed to dinner. I am at a loss.

"An N? Really?"

In our school system, the grades for K-2 are O, G, S, N, and A with O being always above grade level, G being "usually" and S is pretty much grade level. For the past three quarters, the wee lass has received mostly G's a few O's and 2 S in the first quarter in PE. This is what I expected on this final report card.

For her to receive an N - that would be a drop of at least two grades if not three. I was puzzled.

After we arrived home and were in bed, I finally remembered to check the report card.

Nonna was the first to look at it.

"Wee Lass, where did you see the N?"
"WL looks - "I don't know."
"And the S?"
"There aren't any."


Report card was actually better than expected and there were no N or S marks.

Don't get me wrong, my concern was not the letter "N" but all that it meant - she needed help? Did I miss something? Did the teachers not tell me something? Those kinds of things.

I am a firm believer in the quality of the education or the amount learned over the letter/mark received.

And now - the summer can begin!