Snip-its of conversation 10:39 AM

"I had to lay down at ballet camp today."
"My stomach and throat hurt. Ms L told me I am growing in ballet."
(I wonder what that means?)

"She asked me what I had for breakfast. She didn't know what instant breakfast was so I told her cheese (string cheese). She said I need to eat an apple, toast, oatmeal... dancers eat a certain way."

Today she had an apple on the way to ballet.


"I want an adventure."

"What!" I was seriously shocked.

"Everyday we do the same things - camp, ballet... every day but Sunday"

I didn't get around to asking what she wanted to do. Next summer the plan is to send her west to see family etc. That will be an adventure!

"You look like Minnie Mouse."

I am wearing a pink dress with tiny white dots. I like the dress though dots aren't my thing.

"You need a red bow and high heals..."

Ah, the joy of having kids.