Because sometimes you just need to...climb 9:05 AM

Living with three cats and a seven year old is hard work for my kitten. Although she is now over a year old, she is still just a kitten. Laid back, easy going, she puts up with a lot. But... and this is a big BUT...

Sometimes she has had enough. She just feels like breaking out, joining the bugs and the birds, and when that doesn't work... she climbs the walls.

Okay, yes it is the screen, but she was climbing it all the same.

Last night I was downstairs when I heard a scratching noise.

What is that? I hope it isn't a mouse. No, we don't have mice, but scratching noise could equal many things, a mouse being the least icky.

I walked into the family room and saw a bug on the screen.

A big, fluffy tailed, blue and white, Doodle Bug that is.

I have no idea really what she was after. Perhaps there were bugs attempting to fly toward the living room light? I don't know. But if it was because living with three cats and a seven year old can drive one crazy enough to climb the walls... I can totally relate!