Sometimes it Feels Like, Somebody's Watching Me... 11:19 AM

Ever get that feeling that you are being watched?

That someone is peering over your shoulder? Is aware of your every move?

You turn around and... there is no one there.

In our neighborhood, there are eyes watching everywhere. You can walk through to find the shades left up just a little, a window cracked, curtains pulled aside.

All indications that watchers, and their love of observing, are in residence.

At our house, things are a little more... overt.

The shades are usually pulled high, windows are usually open, and there is often a watcher observing the world outside.

There is also this...

When ever the screen door is open, and no one is looking, Phoenix jumps to the top of a six or seven foot dividing wall and takes up his position as head watcher, king of the neighborhood, biggest cheese on the block!

He is quite comfortable on his wall, not yet having the courage to jump to the balcony beyond the wall - though he loves to spy on the kitty that lives there.

Thus if you feel as if you are being watched in our neighborhood, you probably are!

(There are lots of cats in residence)