The Beach 1:58 PM

The Lass loves the beach.

This was her first trip to the beach in years and probably the first one that she will remember. She enjoyed playing in the waves though she wasn't truly sure how deep she wanted to go. She settled into the sand and started building a castle.

The water was fabulous - not too cold and definitely not too warm. Papa and I spent most of our time just beyond the breakers. We tried to bring the Lass out to join us, but this didn't last very long. It was quite fun.

Our last morning, the Lass, Papa, and I went back out to the beach. I walked in the surf while Papa walked along the edge of the water and the Lass ran from here to there and everywhere. There were people fishing. People walking. Everyone was relaxed and quiet, except the Lass - who was loving life! She didn't want to leave when it was time to go.

We found some great shells, a few clams, and a sea cucumber. On our way back to our starting point, we found a crab. It was a fairly large crab trying to get back to the sea. The wave would come in and wash it higher onto the beach. Given the tide was coming in, we are hoping that he successfully made it back to the safety of the water before one of the gulls found him.

We left the beach to return to the hotel to leave for our next destination. But we each knew that we were ready to return in the near future.