Tekka 10:34 AM

In loving Memory

This morning I received some very sad news.

Tekka, Papa's German Shepherd, passed away on Tuesday, 10 July.

Tekka has been suffering from illnesses of one sort or another since March. For the most part, she has been doing well. Sunday she happily joined Nonna and papa for a drive in the woods. Monday she started showing signs of illness.

No one is sure what happened, but she became quite ill. At the end, she did not recognize her best friend, Papa. It was her time to go.

Tekka was a funny dog. She came to live with Nonna and Papa one summer having just retired from a successful career as a rescue dog breeder. She was not a rescue dog herself as her nose was just not sensitive enough, but some of her puppies went on to enjoy successful rescue dog careers.

Tekka looked like a fox! She was not dark in color - more the golden/reddish color that Shepherds can be. She had a pointed nose and a delicate, fox like face. And that dog could eat!!

She immediately took to Papa - following him everywhere and waiting by the door until he came home. Being with Papa was Tekka's favorite place - there was no place she would rather be.

Tekka was also great with other dogs, cats, and kids as seen in the picture.

We will miss you Tekka! Have fun with Harry, Magnum, Toulouse, and the others. You are in good company.

(Written with tears just streaming down my face)