Mothers Know Best 12:20 PM

We are in the book store. Just a small bookstore with a limited selection of chapter books.

I have told the wee lass that I will buy her a book to celebrate all of her accomplishments this past ballet and school year. Her choice.

She finds a Baby Mouse book. I inform her that I have already ordered that one - please do not read it now.

Then she finds... Frannie K. Stein. Oh thrilling. She loves Frannie. And yes, the only book they have is one that she has not read. She is very excited. This is the book that she wants.

I go through the shelves

"What about this?"
She glances, "Nope"
"This one?"
And what about this, it looks cute?"

Okay, well then, I pick up the set of books that I am going to buy and we head for the cashier.

"You are going to buy those books?"
"But I didn't want them."
"I know, but I thought they looked good and maybe someone will like them for a birthday present." (The books are Clarice Bean)

Later that night we are reading... I am looking at the Clarice Bean books as I never give books as a gift unless I have looked at them first to ensure that they are worth giving.

"You can't read these anyway as they are 'ages 8-11'."
"Oh yeah"
"Yes, you are too young. Sorry."
Well, of course, I knew that would get her to try one and... I knew that she would like one of them if she read a chapter.

And, of course, we are keeping the Clarice Bean books, as I knew we would.

They are "hilarious" to put it in the words of the lass.

Just goes to show that mothers do know best!