Morning Walking Games 2:19 PM

"State game"

"Really, can we do something else?"

Each morning, the wee lass wants to play a different game. Okay, she wants to play the same game but I can usually talk her into a different game. The games can last the entire trip to school or be interrupted somewhere along the way as another topic enters her head.

This morning it was the state game.

This means that I give her a state and she will try to spell it. She can spell most of the states with Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire throwing her for a loop. She usually gets at least 40 correct.

The state game could also be name the states in that I start with "A" and she attempts to name each state as we come to the letter. This also could include a challenge - put the "A" states in alphabetical order. This is not a problem until we get to "M" and "N." These states aren't more difficult, there are simply a lot of them and we (including me) tend to miss one or two..

She also likes to guess state capitals, play a math game in which she adds double digit numbers, or add and subtract coins. A walk with the wee one is never dull!

Today, as it is nearly our last walk, I changed things a bit in that I tossed out questions about coins, sums, and state spelling. She loved it... until she saw the deer. Then all games ended!