Update 1:01 PM

It has been a long time since I have posted. Lots going on with little time to sit and write about it. But, alas, I will try and get something down on paper so that everyone will know what is happening!

Let's see - The last day of school is Monday! Yes the wee lass is, believe it or not, basically a second grader. She is so excited about this that she can hardly stand it. (Not really - she could care less, but...) She is also quite excited that she has just finished her last ballet preparatory class. Next year she will start her true ballet work - at the bar etc for three hours a week. Exciting. She will start point, as of right now, In January 2009.

The family starts arriving on Saturday. We have great plans!! Look forward to seeing pictures featuring our different summer celebratory adventures - the beach, DC, and whatever else we decide to do. I think that rock climbing was mentioned!

And this, alas, ends my update. I have a few tales to tell, but they don't really fit into this post. Thus, I will draft them and post them tomorrow!