The 4 May Report 11:20 AM

Our busy weekend starts this evening but I wanted to post this before it all started... I am sure that there will be more and different to post next week.

First... the "Magic Rock Update"
Here are the latest pictures of the rocks taken last night. What fun. They are growing.

Here is the picture from Monday, a long time ago... in early April...

Yep, definite growth!

Second... S took these pictures weekend before last, I think. We were actually very surprised as we didn't expect to see goslings so early or this big already. It was so nice to see them. That said, our gaggle of geese has diminished drastically since the corporation who owns the pond is trying to get rid of them. It is very sad as watching the geese live the cycle of life has been a wonderful part of living in our neighborhood.

Anyway, S did a great job with these pictures. Enjoy... and wish her luck this weekend... break a leg and all that!