The Week in Review 2:12 PM

This has been an amazingly busy week, so busy that I have been rushing around like mad and did not put our mother's day cards etc in the mail until... today. So, we will wish everyone a happy mother's day and you may be getting something from us as a "post mother's day" celebration!

Summer has hit the area with full force. We have turned on our ceiling fans and are growing our gills. The Wee Lass cracks me up. This child was running around nude a few weeks ago when it was 60 degrees and sunny. This morning she was "freezing" with a temperature of 64 and a heat index of who knows what. Yes, it is THAT humid. I swear it feels like July or August.

It is hard to believe that Memorial day is nearly here, school is nearly out, and there are just a few more weeks with ballet classes in this season. Amazing. They are starting to fill our pool with water! Hurrah! Of course, it will be cold and dry for the first six weeks of the swimming seasons; not great when you have an unheated pool! Too bad it isn't filled right now. We could definitely use a break!

We have no great plans for this weekend. Sunday is supposedly going to be gorgeous so I am hoping that we can spend lots of time outside. I would like it to be a relaxing day with nothing much happening. With the energizer bunny, this is not really very likely!

And that is our update!

Happy Mother's Day to all!