Snip its 9:39 AM

The Wee Lass came home and reported that she needed recycled container type items for an art project. This was Tuesday last week... she needed them by Friday.

Monday she reported that she had "finished" her lady bug.

Yesterday she was telling me that it was so nice that the teacher had her put it in the library for display to the school. At this point I wanted to know more about this lady bug.

Me: So you used the toilet paper roll (senza paper) for the body?
S: Yes
Me: So everything is on this roll?
S: Yes
Me: Can you see the toilet paper roll? you paint it red?
S: No I didn't paint it and no you can't see the roll.
I(I am clearly not getting this!)

S: Over the roll are the wings and then the wing cases
Me: And they are made of...
S: You know, those coffee things
Me: Filters

The child can remember wing, wing cases, that a lady bug has a snout... but she can not remember the word "filter." Kids amaze me. She can also spell most anything after she writes it once... but the word filter just isn't a priority!

Today is Teacher Appreciation day... falling in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week (yes, mothers and fathers get a day... teachers get a week... go figure) (I can't complain, I really don't even get a day... maybe... um... fifteen minutes?!)

I mentioned to S that I only get a day when her teacher gets a week. I was giving her a hard time. She informed me that she appreciates me every day. (ahhhh)

This morning S commented, "Look, a Cardinal!"
"Did..." was all I was able to get out as she then stated what I was going to tell her...
"Hi Mr. State Bird..."

Sigh... and yet she can't remember the word filter!