Where do You Find Water? 1:43 PM

The Wee Lass is a big fan of the English language though she is not always a big fan of the rules and that there are so many ways to pronounce the different letters. She loves things like homophones and homonyms etc. Nonna and Papa brought her a dictionary and a thesaurus, which she absolutely loves.

Yesterday she was doing her homework. The question was:
List things in which you find water...

She began to list... river, pond, ocean, fruit, vegetable...etc.

When she got to vegetable, she needed the spelling so, I had her look it up. While she was there, I had her look to see if "water" was in the dictionary. ( Can you see where this is going?)

She looked up vegetable for the spelling (after she looked in the thesaurus and... there is no other word for vegetable) She then looked up water and found a few more items for her list.

She read the list to me... I said... what was the question.

"List the places where you find water"
"Did you find it in the dictionary"
"Yes... and I put those things on the list already"
"Yes, but did you find 'water' in the dictionary?"

She thought for a few seconds and then started giggling... yes, but that isn't what she (teacher) meant.

I am still trying to convince her to add "dictionary" to her list of places in which you find water. She is not buying it. She says it is "silly." Yes, but it is funny too!

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Katianne said...

Very cute! Lovin' your bloggin'!