Amazing Kid 10:24 AM

I have an amazing kid... does anyone else know that beyond myself and the cats...? Okay, so the cats don't always think that she is really amazing but, they are, after all, furry beasts with four legs and pointed ears. What do they know! (Though they do take great joy in the forts she builds... and playing in them)

I haven't had much to write this week about our adventures simply because there haven't been many. The weather man promises that spring is truly on its way... starting tomorrow. So next week you can expect a "magic rock" update (I am sure that Papa is thrilled about that) and biking/hiking/skating adventures.

We do have a few things to share...The Wee Lass received her report card this week and did fabulously well. She has asked to celebrate with hot dogs... (is this really my kid?) but she asked her dad to make me pasta so that we could all celebrate together. Them with their hot dogs and me with my pasta. You tell me who has better taste!

We also have the new ballet schedule. We are actually quite excited as we think that we can work within its time constraints and still use the school bus. I may ask the school about changing stops, once again, but am not totally sure. Her bus goes right by the studio but I am not sure that we can't walk their more quickly from her current stop. Something to check out.

She also started "Walkers Club" this week. The kids can do this during recess or at home. They are to walk and chart their progress by the quarter mile. If they complete 25 miles, they get a "chain..." Hum... I am not sure what a "chain" is but we will find out by the end of May as 25 miles are easily accomplished with our lifestyle.

Many of her friends are doing walkers club at school. S is the one in her class doing it at home. Yesterday she reported that she ran 5 times around the field... equally 1.25 miles.

I am sure that you are asking "Why" just as I did. I mean, she walked a mile to school and had ballet yesterday afternoon, why would she do another 1.25 miles... and run them?

The answer... "I was practicing for walkers club."

Practicing... she needs to practice by running... or even practice in general?

Me... so we are counting that 1.25 miles.

"No, that was just practice!" (How silly of me to think otherwise!)

Lastly, her friend was diagnosed with a nut allergy over the weekend. In order to sit with her friend, S has to stop eating PB&J sandwiches at lunch. She could sit somewhere else to eat them, but she has elected to try different foods instead. I am amazingly proud of her for this. Tuesday she had Mac and Cheese... yesterday it was soft tacos. She liked both. She is also eating more fruit. I am proud for two reasons... she is trying new things rather than not eating at all... and she is trying them simply and amazingly just to sit with her friend at lunch.

Did I mention that my daughter is amazing!!