State of Motion 11:20 AM

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on the wee lass. The other night I watched her read a book. She read for about thirty minutes; six chapters... while doing an impression of someone "reading." I say that it was an impression because... she was reading, out loud... and yet, she was anything and everything but the image of someone sitting and reading.

When most of us read, it is sitting or laying with our bodies at rest. We are relaxed. Reading is a means of allowing everything to drift away into another world. Our minds might be busy picturing what we are reading and delving into the plot, but our bodies are at rest. Ah, the joy of reading...

That is not how the wee lass reads... nope, not by a long shot.

The night in question... she was "sitting" on the lid of the toilet. The bathroom is a great place to read I suppose. During the time I watched, she went from sitting on the lid to squatting on the lid... balls of her feet both on the lid... then to a half squat... half squat to the other side... attempted to stand (I put a stop to that move), and then sitting astride the lid. She repeated these moves in various sequences throughout the time she was reading. I was exhausted just watching her. The weird thing is, she never stopped reading to change positions... I am not really sure that she was aware of all the moves and position alterations.

Last night she read before bedtime... again, on the bed but never stopped moving. From laying to sitting to laying a different way... over and over again. The child is always in motion.

She has always been an active child... doesn't sit still through a TV show, a movie, or anything. In fact, I think the only time she is still is when she is really sick or a good tired... not exhausted as she doesn't sleep well when she is exhausted. I wonder how she works with all this energy in school? It takes a lot of concentration for her to work through it during ballet classes. (She is doing very well at that though... of late)

Her dad is in a constant state of motion; I admit, sitting still is not one of my strong points, even at the computer my foot is moving as my fingers type; and Papa... was an energetic kid when younger. It drove his mom crazy. I remember hearing stories about him. So perhaps the wee lass has inherited a sense of a body needing to be in motion. As her "reading" demonstrates, she has an amazing ability to concentrate despite her energy level!