Purrrr Spective 9:10 AM

It is all a matter of Purr-spective. For those who do not know me, I am Phoenix, (aka Nixon, Mr. Nixon, King of Coons, Nixie, Nixon Dixon, Nix Nix... among others). I am the "man of the house;" a job I take very seriously. My primary duties are to ensure that all counter tops, tables, the piano etc are kept clear of "stuff." My other job, beyond keeping the girl cats on their toes, is to inspect the house. This inspection is not isolated to areas in which I am not allowed; it is the entire house. The family has not yet grasp this small, but important, detail. Thus, they go out of their way to create barriers to exclude me from Maggie's part of the house. I can, with great modesty of course, assure you that these attempts to exclude me have proven futile. I have breached the barricades with great success!

Today Papa installed a four foot high barrier... hum... the silly people think that this will end my days of visiting Maggie. What they do not realize is that I have hours upon hours each day to devote to finding a way to conquer this barricade as well. However, it is spring, the windows are open, there are wonderful smells and sounds that require my attention. I believe that I will give myself time to consider my tactical options and develop a strategy. The cold, winter months will come soon enough and then... let the fun return.