Riverside Picnic 7:31 AM

In the past, when Nonna and Papa visit, the weather has been on the cold side. This year, the weather has been fabulous. On Tuesday S stayed at school an extra hour for her science class. After we picked her up we headed to a national park to enjoy the weather, nature, and the river. It was fabulous. After we ate we walked along the river paths (paths overlooking the river) which was a relaxing way to spend a few minutes after eating. There were lots of people out... walking, throwing a football, spending time with friends and dogs... Papa and S did some exploring on a rocky hill. It was a wonderful and relaxing evening.

We decided to see how far we could drive after our walk and before leaving the park. On our way down the road S spotted a deer... and another, and another. There were 9 deer in total. They were grazing in a little dip next to the road. We are not sure that any one else noticed them. Amazing, these deer eating while people, cars, dogs were everywhere.