In the Blink of an Eye... She Grew 9:57 AM

Yesterday S had her healthy child check-up. I wasn't expecting much as these appointments are usually somewhat uneventful. The eye test is a bit nerve racking given my vision, but the rest is usually smooth sailing. Yesterday was no exception.

The first surprise came when we learned that S had gained six pounds (though we have no idea where) and grew three inches. What happened? We measured her at Christmas only to find that she hadn't grown, Thus, being the great mom that I am, I bought her spring clothes (she tried them on) based on that height and weight. It appears that I will have to buy more clothes sooner than I had expected, though her clothes do fit and should (fingers crossed) make it through the season.

As she planned, she discussed having her ears pierced with the doctor. Another doctor does a few ear piercing a week, so when she decides she is ready, we will make an appointment - which could turn out to be an informational interview, but... they are her ears.

She received a clean bill of health, was told to keep trying new foods (like vegetables) and to keep doing what she is doing. They talked about ballet, walking, and S told the doctor about her President's Active Lifestyle award. She is an all round healthy kid.

We celebrated with a stop for ice cream on the way home! It was a gorgeous day though, I must admit, we were both exhausted when we arrived at the house.

Today is another gorgeous day. I am kind of happy to be inside though as my allergies are driving me mad!