Daylight Savings... NOT 2:09 PM

Yes, that's right, we have expanded daylight savings time four weeks, three in the spring and one in the fall, to "save energy" as people use less electricity during the normal daylight savings period than during standard time.

How much energy did we save by changing the clocks early this year... drum roll please... yes, that's correct, there was no significant difference!!!

That's right everyone... we tortured ourselves with attempting to put our kids to bed earlier and having them in a bad mood for a week and saved... little to no energy!

I can't really understand why this came as such a surprise. In making it darker for longer in the mornings, people were having to use more electricity in the mornings to heat the house and... to see. This apparently didn't occur to congressmen as they drafted that piece of legislation. We save money during the former daylight savings time because it fell at a time when light was a few hours longer than dark allowing people to use natural light. Additionally, they didn't have to heat their homes as much due to the fact that Daylight savings was formerly a warm season experience... not something occurring during the winter.

I do not think that Congress is going to repeal this piece of legislation, but I do hope that they consider the logic behind their decisions before making them in the future...hey, one can dream ya know!