Old Man Winter and the Bathroom Boogie 8:26 AM

What a few days it has been. Last night daddy came over for sandwiches and play. He and the wee lass had a great time. Amazingly, despite how excited and worked up she was, she went to bed without a fuss. We are both suffering from colds, so she did not sleep as well as usual, but... she was ready to run this morning.

Old Man Winter is returning for a visit. He arrived today with a wonderful (not) brisk wind and temperatures in the 30's. They are suggesting that we might have flurries on Saturday morning (Phoenix will be making his way to the vet in the snow, who would have guessed) and that Easter will be cooler here than this past Christmas. Wow. The wee lass is not excited. She was ready for the pool to open yesterday. I think that she is hoping for a very hot summer as that is the only way she will swim... warm pool water! The only way that happens here, with our unheated pool, is when the nights stay above 70F.

Lastly, I observed the bathroom process this morning. Let's see, Doodles was the cat of the day, receiving lots of love and affection. The wee lass learned that when she is gentle, doodles will come to her and purr. Doodle has an orange spot on her forehead; the kissing spot. (Her picture is in a March post)

Then S brushed her teeth... mind you, she just doesn't brush, but does the Toothbrush Boogie!

I am amazed that yes, it is only Thursday. This week is crawling!