Cats and Bunnies do not Mix 10:12 AM

I am not sure who decided that the Easter beast should be a bunny? I am actually not even sure where the tradition began, but it is one that we enjoy each year. This year was exceptionally cold though so we did not enjoy much time outside. The cats and treats kept us entertained.

Given that we don't have a backyard, and the temperature is usually not great,
eggs are hidden in the house and run the risk of falling prey to the paws of a bored or curious cat. This Easter was no exception. To start with, the Easter Bunny, like the Tooth fairy in the recent past, simply felt it was too cold, dark etc to do the job! This year’s bunny simply did not want to do the job early in the night due to the cats, thus, the job was left for the hour or two before S woke.

The cats are an interesting lot. One never knows just what they are going to do. We come home to find laundry scattered throughout the house, toys in their litter box... you get the picture. The mischief makers are Doodles and her partner Phoenix. These are both loving and tolerant cats. They are known to find anything and everything to have "toy" potential.

The alarm rang and yet, the bunny did not want to move. Surrounded by sleeping cats and in the warmth of a burrow made of dawn duvets and quilts, the bunny did not want to move. Unwilling to replay the tooth fairy incidents, the bunny finally hopped up knowing that the trip would be short and the warmth of the borough awaited her return. Within five minutes basket was filled and eggs were hidden; warmth was once again achieved.

“Rattle... Rattle...Rattle”

The Lass was awake and hit the egg trail at 7. She reported that the bunny had hidden the eggs in some funny places... to include... the litter box!


The rest of the morning was spent enjoying more egg hunts and snacking on chocolate. The Wee Lass went upstairs to play leaving her egg bag in the middle of the living room floor. I came through later to find that... wow... the Easter cat had visited and was attempting to hide eggs once again!