Purr Spective Update 10:43 AM

I just wanted to drop back in and give you an update. As many of you may know, the weather turned a bit cooler here requiring windows to be closed to keep the house warm. Thus, what is a cat to do but develop a work strategy. That is what this cat did.

As you may be aware, or you may have guessed, I am an active cat who bores very easily. I like to have something going on at all times. Instead of living with a house full of kids and people, I live with two very quite and very loving humans and three interesting girl cats. As you might guess, I get bored.

It did not take me long to figure out that if I wiggle the shutters enough, the lock will "pop" right off allowing me free access to Maggie's suite. That is, my friends, exactly what I did.

Now there is a rubber band wrapped around the posts to secure the lock; however, this will soon be defeated as well. Give me time my friends, give me time!

They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks... this does not apply to cats. I am nearly three years old (Sunday) and am always learning!