April Snow and a Trip to the Vet 7:42 AM

Last Saturday morning we woke up to...snow! At the beginning of last week we were in shorts and sundresses, by Thursday it was back to winter coats and sweats, then on Saturday it snowed. Wow. What a weather week. The pictures were fun to take though...trees in blossom with the snow.

We woke early to take Phoenix to the doctor for his annual check-up. He now weighs 15 pounds, though he looks like he should weigh 18 or 20...he is just long and tall. The doctor loves Phoenix so he receives loads of attention when he visits. Despite having just been to the doctor early last week, S was joking about not fitting on the small animal scale. The vet asked her if she wanted to be weighed in the backroom... so of they went. She experienced the large animal scale first hand.