Celebrating Half-Day Monday 9:15 AM

Yesterday was half day Monday...I don't usually enjoy half day Monday simply because I feel like I can not get anything done at work. The time between adopting the role of "mom" and "mom" is just not long enough for all the gears to engage, switches to be triggered, and engines to be ignited. Yesterday was an exception.

Yesterday marked our true return to normal schedules following the visit of Nonna and Papa and spring break from school. I think that we both celebrated its return.

The last quarter of the year (started yesterday) marked S sitting with one of her friends and none of the boys with whom she has sat for the past two quarters. I probably don't need to tell you just how thrilled she was about this change. Additionally, they no longer need their lunch cards in the cafeteria but have to have their codes memorized. Another sign that they are more responsible and growing up.

Although, as usual, I did very little quality work after picking her up at the bus, and she successfully created a mess in my office, it was so nice to have our routine in place... meet at the bus, head to the coffee shop for snack, pick up her turkey and cheese sub (her fast food treat) and then back to the office before heading to ballet. The evening concluded with her reading three chapter so the White Wolf by Ron Roy before we both crashed.

Now, if the warm weather would return....