The Track Challenge 8:50 AM

Yesterday the temperature was 80F. What a wonderful spring day, which I spent in my office! There are some days when I think that being a professional gardener might have been a nice job.

Following ballet, S and I grabbed a cold drink and took the long way home to enjoy the weather and search for signs of spring. Although we didn't find too many signs of spring (no trees budding etc) we did find some tracks. The tracks were quickly identified and we slowly moved forward on the less traveled path. I learned that "this" is the right kind of ground to find tracks - slightly damp, formerly wet, loosely packed dirt. A few feet farther down the path she spotted lots of tracks. She, with pointer (stick) in hand, pointed out the tracks, guessed that several animals had passed through the area, and determined that they had traveled in "that" direction. I am sure that she would have elected to see where they went if she had been wearing more suitable shoes. (Open towed sandals don't work well in wooded areas)

We did capture the tracks digitally this time! (I am one of "those" mothers who carries a camera, with a full battery and empty memory card, at all times to capture just such moments... S used to hate this but after the deer spotting and pictures last year, she no longer minds)

Here you will find pictures of the tracks. I am curious to see how many of you can identify the animal who made them? If you would like a larger view for further examination, please double click on the image.

Have fun!