Bathrooms & Kids 9:21 AM

Kids and bathrooms are an interesting combination. When they are toddlers we spend a lot of time and energy working to get them to feel comfortable in the bathroom... and to use it. Then they hit an age where we spend an equal, if not greater, amount of time and energy trying to get them out of the bathroom!

I remember my younger brother had to "go to the bathroom" wherever we went. He just had to check out the bathroom. Although I personally don't remember doing this, the wee lass went through a very short phase in which she enjoyed visiting the "new" bathroom. Now she is in the phase where she doesn't want to miss anything, thus, going to the bathroom is an option of last resort.

I can't figure out what the fascination is; why the bathroom captures their attention as it does. It takes S about 20 minutes to get ready for school in the morning - brushing her teeth that is. She takes a cat or two in to keep her company... and then, I have no idea what she does though I know it is not brushing her teeth.

The other evening I walked in to find her name, in big bold letters, written in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. Sigh. If toothpaste art ever becomes "trendy," she will be the first Master!