The never ending Tookie Incident 2:05 PM

A while back, at least a year if not two, S was quite sick with a stomach virus. I stayed home with her, fed her toast and watched her lay around hoping that she would feel better soon. It is very difficult to see her sick as she goes from the energizer bunny to a kid with very low to no charge in her battery. That afternoon, Daddy brought her something and me a treat... four cookies. It was quite exciting. She could not have the cookies because she was sick, and they were for me anyway.

The next day she was better and, that evening, asked... where is my cookie? (she actually said Tookie at that time as she has a lazy hard K and G sound from time to time). I looked at her... you mean you want one of my cookies? Me, being the fabulous mom that I am gave her one of the cookies that I had left. She finished that one and asked for her second cookie. Sorry baby, that was it. There are no more cookies.

She immediately picked up the phone and called her attorney... "Daddy..."

The incident became a running joke between daddy and myself... the party of the first part lodged a complaint against the party of the second part for the consumption of one cookie... etc.

The wee lass learned a lesson, however. Now, whenever a certain number of treats enters the house, she ensures that she counts them and that everyone receives an equal portion. She referenced the cookie incident last night as she ate the last ice cream treat when her homework was finished.

"It is fair that I get this one because you already had one today."
"And everything in our house is fair"
"Remember that time you ate my cookie?"
Sigh, she just doesn't understand that I was generous in letting her have one of my cookies! (At least she is no longer seeking counsel from her attorney... the issue was resolved, so to speak, out of court!)