Daylight Savings Time Blues 9:20 AM

Growing up in Arizona spoiled me I think in the sense that I never had to worry about Daylight Savings Time. The rest of the country would undergo a certain level of frustration as they spent time re-sitting clocks, watches, electronic equipment, followed by the question... "Did I remember to change the time?" Not using Daylight Savings is one of the most intelligent decisions made by the state government.

Now I live in a state that does change time twice a year; this time three weeks earlier than in the past. In previous years I have adjusted my clocks Friday night or Saturday morning in an attempt to give myself that much longer to adjust to the change. Believe it or not, it does actually take a day or two for the body to get used to the new time etc). In previous years, the wee lass has not cared one way or another; however, this year was quite different.

Her attentiveness to the time should not have been a surprise. She is very aware of the time in other parts of the country e.g. when we are on vacation, she will, out of the blue, tell me what time it is at home. Thus, the challenges that presented themselves this past weekend should have been expected.

Saturday night I re-set the clocks. I did this before bedtime thinking that, if I could get her in bed at the new time, everything would work out well. Of course, this wasn't exactly successful. First we stayed up a bit late as she was watching Mary Poppins (she loves Julie Andrews). I explained that she could watch but after the movie, she would have to get ready for bed without playing etc. She said, "okay." We went upstairs, I gave her the five minute warning, and she informed me that she actually had XX minutes as the clock was an hour ahead.

Sigh... I attempted to explain that although the clock said one time and she knew that it was the EDT she had to adjust to the new time and forget about that hour... it was no longer an hour she could enjoy. She didn't fall asleep that night until after 10:00. (Thank you EDT)

Sunday we were set... the clocks were right, we had slept a bit late, but... that was okay as it was a gorgeous day. The plan was to take her out and let her run/ride to her hearts content in the sun. Anything that would result in her falling asleep early (or on time). Everything was working according to plan until... bedtime.

"Ten minutes"
"You might want to keep an eye on the clock"
"Five minutes"
"No, really an hour and five minutes."
Apparently the idea of giving up an hour of play time was not sitting well with her. I explained that she had to forget about that hour and go by the time on the clock. This was followed by a lot of stamping and a rush to get ready for bed on time. Which, she did.

I understand why we have daylight savings, why they wanted to add another month to the annual Daylight Savings duration... but to be honest, wouldn't it just be easier to make the whole year daylight savings time?