Let's go fly a kite (but don't forget it's winter) 11:57 AM

Friday we experienced a very nice taste of spring. I think that creatures of all shapes and sizes were happy to see warm temperatures and, dare I say, a bit of humidity! I eagerly put on my shorts, S wore a more spring like outfit and a short sleeved shirt. We eached put on light weight outerwear for the morning trip. Spring had arrived!

It was a short lived warm spell, of course, as it is only March! Sunday afternoon S decided she wanted to try her hand at flying a Chinese kite she found on one of our walks. She picked out a pair of sweats, a sleeveless shirt and a sweatshirt. I had my pants and a long sleeved shirt on with every intent to wear my heavy coat. She elected to forego the sweatshirt and just use her winter coat. I suggested that we take her sweatshirt as a layer, just in case. I would carry it. No, she was sure that she would be fine.

The kite, despite our efforts, did not fly. I don't really know how to fly a Chinese kite, to begin with, and the string was a bit on the short side. I need to find this child a kite! (Something she has wanted and I have promised for years, it just hasn't worked out)

The rest of our walk consisted of a Canada goose hunt, discovery of the "goose hang-out" (or their bathroom, it is probably difficult to tell the difference.) and a snack. On our return to the house we prepared some hot ravioli and settled in to play some games and journey to southern Italy on a PBS special.

Today we have returned to our week day lives; winter is making another appearance; and I am going to dig out gloves. We are both looking forward to warmer temperatures!