Glimpse 12:03 PM

Being seven must be quite difficult. I can't remember being 7, but I can't imagine that it is easy. You are a kid and yet, you are not a little kid. You want to be a big kid, but you are not that either. You have to start taking responsibility for yourself at school, at home, and yet you want to, at times, be that little kid again and blame everything on mom.

Due to the short weeks of February due to snow and holidays, I think that S is feeling especially tired and cranky once the day is over and bedtime has arrived. Yesterday she had a very good day at ballet receiving only positive feedback. She must have simply been to tired to think about being her energetic self!

Being tired, being 7, being a girl.... attitude has become a popular word in our house throughout the past few days. I know that the next few years are going to be challenging as S continues to find herself and her own identity and how that fits into our family. I am seeing a glimpse of that challenge every once in a while. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the attitude over the sweet and loving person that resides in my house and heart.

In the midst of this challenging week, S told me about helping a boy in her class who is learning English as a second language. Apparently she was working with him in math and helping him with the idea of "how many more?." She would use her Spanish (limited as it is) and her fingers to explain what he needed to do and how to do it. She said that he got it! She and the child are becoming friends.

Now, that is my kid! The child that helps a new person feel comfortable; who creates an inclusive environment; and who will help with out a second thought. I am happy that she allows me to catch a glimpse of the wonderful person that she is; I cherish those moments.

2 Thoughts:

TL Linda said...

This will be a great way for her to learn and improve her Spanish. Good for S.

Katianne said...

It just goes to show what a great parent you are...