Pierce or Not to Pierce... 3:03 PM


This morning S asked "Can I get my ears pierced?"
Hum... where did this come from? This is the child who, when she had blood taken a few years ago, laid on the floor convinced that she was dying as there was a hole in her arm and all her blood was gone. The child who proceeds to vomit following a shot or an unexplained, in great detail, procedure on her body (like having a sealant brushed on her teeth). And now, this child wants her ears pierced?!

Thus, I asked... "why?"
Because all the girls in my class are having their ears pierced or have them pierced."
I pull out the line my mom used on me time and time again... "If all the girls in your class were jumping off a building, would you?"
"No," she says. "But I want my ears pierced." "I want to surprise Nonna and Papa."

I said that we would think about it and that she can chat with the doctor as, most of the mothers around here have the doctor pierce their daughter's ears. I thought this was a bit unusual, but it seems to be the norm. She has her healthy kid check-up on 2 April, a perfect amount of time for her to think about it and have questions ready to ask.

I had my first ear piercing when I was her age, so... I am not opposed to the idea. That said, I have lost an earring from two of my favorite pairs as a result of the winter and removing of hoods/scarf's etc in the past three weeks. I told her that IF she decides that it is what she wants we will do it in the spring or summer.

Who knows, if it is what she really wants, it might be a good incentive for being brave through her pallet expander or... perhaps she might stop sucking on her hair!!

2 Thoughts:

Nonna said...

It will be interesting to see what she decides . . . remind her that she has to take care of them!

Kyle said...

Thank you for sharing. I will be checking this regularly for sure. It's so nice to know I can check in here for a quick forecast of things to come with Madison over the next year. Actually, I can't believe the earring question hasn't come yet, but it will...

Rebecca is adamant against. She couldn't pierce her ears until she was 16 and even then was not allowed to wear anything that dangled below her lobe. Studs only. I, on the other had, had both my ears pierced when I was 14, so I'm a bit more relaxed on the subject.

In any event, I will continue to remind my girls at every opportunity, not to be in a rush to grow up.