Here Comes the Sun 1:00 PM

There is nothing like having the shades up, having a chair of your own, and feeling the sun shine on your fur. Having spent the month of February inside a cave (shades drawn and heater on) our Doodle bug delighted in a sunny day. Today is such a day as well. Although school started late as a result of yesterday's snow, the sky is a vivid blue, sun is melting the light snow fall, and the temperatures are climbing. The weather man promises that we will hit the 60's early next week. That is something to celebrate! Doodles wondered outside on the balcony this morning and literally played with the snow; flicking it with her paws etc. Phoenix joined her for a good ten minutes of air sniffing, ease dropping (on the birds) and exploring fun. Our moods reflected that of our sun loving furry friends as S set out in her snow boots for, what might be, the last time. She just had to take advantage of the snow. I was thrilled not to have to wear a hood.

There is something about the March sun that brings out the smiles in people. For our cats, it brings out a touch of the wild animal that still dwells within.