Petites!! 12:58 PM

“Do you want to run ahead and order?” I ask as I stand at the counter waiting for the server to return.

“Yes!” Off she goes.

I receive the expected answer and return to our table to collect two backpacks and two large umbrellas. Gathering everything into the most comfortable position possible, I navigate my way through signs, people, and “wet floor” signs. As I walk out the door, I notice that it has, for the moment, stopped raining.

Making my way to the middle of the shopping center, through another door, and to my daughter’s side where she is waiting in line for dessert – a chocolate, peanut butter petite… delicious! We have changed our regular routine to include this stop at Starbucks – currently celebrating their 40th anniversary.

A birthday, a free petite that is all about chocolate and peanut butter… that is worth celebrating!