Mary Poppins I am Not 10:44 AM

My umbrella blew inside out as I walked to the coffee shop. Somehow I don’t think this ever happened to Mary Poppins... my thought as I twisted and turned suggesting that the wind playfully return the umbrella to its correct position.

As I sighed thanking the weather report for “Not” mentioning the gusts of swirling wind this rainy morning, I consider Marry Poppins.

While I am not a stranger to singing and dancing anywhere at any time, I am not sure I do with it with the grace and talent (or the costumes) Marry enjoys. Unfortunately, I cannot make medicine taste good, have toys and other items put themselves away, or adventure through chalk drawings. As for flying… even with my big striped umbrella, flying is not an option (though my daughter has tried)

Reaching into my carpet bag to find “just the thing” would be a wonderful piece of magic.

But, Mary Poppins I am not.

As I peered from beneath the bottom edge of my umbrella, forcing it before me like a shield pushing the wind back or holding it at bay, I realized that, in several ways, I am like Mary…

I can create magic through words and ideas – no carpet bag necessary.

I sing and dance - but also walk and talk and enjoy the birds, no costumes needed.

And I don’t need to disappear into a chalk drawing to discover anything – I can quiet my mind and see the magic of the world around me.

Though I wouldn’t mind the flying part; and, I would love to know how she controls her umbrella in a playful wind… I am not Mary Poppins. I am me!

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Heather O'Dell said...

So true! I love your comparison of yourself to Marry. Crafty writing there. I'm glad you are you and that you find the things around you which open your eyes. You may not be Marry, but you are pretty special the way you are. :) Thanks for sharing this snippet!