Close Enough to Touch 10:50 AM

We are late as is and she is marching off across the grass behind our house in the other direction.
“where are you going?”
“Look!” she exclaims again.
Sighing deeply, I set off behind her wondering what it is that she has discovered on this bright second morning in March.
Shoes lightly sinking into ground softened by rain Monday, I walk to where, just a month ago, her self made igloo stood.
“ Flowers! Look!” She points to the tree…
On this, the second day of March, one of the trees behind our house is blooming!
Suddenly freezing temperatures and inches of ice and snow are forgotten… Spring is close enough to touch, to hear, and soon… to smell.

2 Thoughts:

Elizabeth G. said...

That was beautiful. I have a son who is not rushed by life. I feel like I am constantly nagging him to speed up so we aren't late. Your wise words hit me and reminded me to savor the meanderings of our children. What a wonderful way to start the morning...first signs of spring!

Andi said...

I totally agree with Elizabeth. Soon they will be running ahead and out the door to their busy lives. I am reminded to enjoy the meandering moments.