You Can't Stay Mad When... 12:10 AM

She says nothing as we walk. Not a morning person anyway, her silence is as gray as the clouds overhead. "I am mad. I just want to hit something." "I have nothing for you to hit. Why not try running?" "No" I thought for a minute. There is no way I am going to spend the morning with this mood. "Try making a funny noise." "No" "Oh, Come on" "No" "A funny bear noise. No one can stay mad when they make a funny bear noise. GRRRRRR" I demonstrate as loudly as I can "No" "What about a dinosaur noise" "No" "A funny cow?" I am laughing now as I illustrate each noise as loudly as possible. After all, no one can stay mad when making such noises. "No" I give up... Hours later we return to the conversation with her explaining that she couldn't make those noises as they were "embarrassing" and me suggesting that sometimes people find it rewarding to just make a loud noise as it releases their frustration. "What about a funny cat noise?" She does a cross between a growl and a yowl... and laughs... "See, you just can't be mad if you are making funny cat noises..." We laugh our way down the sidewalk - me not caring who hears and her still not sure that she isn't a tad embarrassed, but she is laughing. She must feel better.

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Becky said...

anything that makes you laugh together is great.
I always try to crank up the tunes & sing along.