First Day of Springbreak 12:00 AM

7:15, we are out the door. Even though it is the first day of springbreak, there are things that require our attention - like the 8:30 dentist appointment that must be kept. Drops fall from the sky - of all the days to be sprinkling and gray, I would have prefered Mother Nature had picked another but... we are okay. It is pouring and it isn't freezing. We are on the move. Thirty minutes pass - we have walked over a mile and have no idea how much farther we have to go, but we are on the move. The kid decides she is "not" in a great mood... *sigh* 8:26, we have four minutes to get to the dentist. We are going to make it!! We walk through the door. The receptionist looks at me "Your appointment isn't until 10:30." "What?" She says my daughter's name... "Yes, 10:30, but I can get you in at 10:00" "10:00 is great" I comment as we consider the opportunities. We are two girls with 1.5 hours for a nice breakfast... Bagels and coffee, here we come!