Reading is Good for You 11:16 AM

“Let’s go” I call from downstairs. The clock is ticking. She got out of bed late throwing everything off schedule.

I return to the kitchen to finish doing what needs to be done.

Minutes pass seemingly like hours as I wait.

“Let’s go!”

I make my way up the stairs…

There she sits, on the bed, mouth wash swishing away, and a book open on her lap.

“We’re running late. Let’s go!”

She pops up, dog ears the page (because apparently she can’t find one of the hundreds of bookmarks we have purchased through the years) and spits before following me.

“Sorry” she says. “but you always say, reading is good for me.”

3 Thoughts:

Ellen said...

Perhaps your child is related to mine? I have to tear the newspaper out of his hands - if I didn't we wouldn't leave the house!

Loved the dialogue format.

Shubitz said...

Dental hygiene - check!
A reader - check!
I'd say you're doing well!


Ruth Ayres said...

What a fun slice of life. How sweet! I thought it was hard to get them to stop reading at night . . . getting them to stop in the morning would be even worse!
Happy writing, Ruth