4th of July 12:13 PM

Last year our family anticipated spending the 4th of July at the Kennedy Center with a feeling of curiosity.  What could we expect?

Would it, as it has in years passed, rain?  What would we wear?

Should we sit outside?  Will there be plenty of things to do and food to eat?  We had a wonderful time despite the rain.  The experience was one each of us cherished.

So when the invitation to repeat the experience arrived in the mail, I did not hesitate to respond immediately.  Sure, we will be there and we will eagerly anticipate the experience.

This year the evening was... amazing.  DC enjoyed a dry early summer with great weather.  The show on the Mall proved entertaining for all.

 The company was delightful as the Lass proved comfortable and found her feet out and about and Nonna enjoyed singing and dancing when the spirit hit.

Where people chose seats inside last year, the outside tables  drew the crowds this year.

And the fireworks... amazing.  It is one thing to watch fireworks from below - looking up and watching them sparkle from high in the sky.  It is another experience entirely to watch them at eye level.

It came as no surprise to me when we determined that our summer would be planned in such a way that we would return to the Center next year for the 4th.  it was a surprise however when Papa said that this was one of his favorite parts of the vacation.  That comment alone made a return trip, and a third in our growing family tradition, a must!!