Taste of Summer 4:18 PM

I examine the contents of my kitchen hoping to find something to eat before my daughter and I leave for ballet. Nothing strikes me as interesting. Nothing seems overly appetizing for breakfast. Yet, I know that I must eat.
Then I spy the vine tomatoes. I know that there is a ciabatta just waiting to be eaten... and there ismozzarella calling my name from its hiding place.
Within moments I have toasted the bread, sliced the cheese and the tomatoes. I have drizzled a little olive oil and sprinkled a bit of salt. A bit unorthodox? I don't care. The flavors blend so amazingly well reminding me of hot summer days and filling my body with a sense of satisfaction.
Summer and warm weather are still weeks away (as the weather outside reminded me not so gently) but in my kitchen, this morning, the warmth of the sun touched my skin as the flavors of summer lifted my spirits.

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Shubitz said...

Vine-ripened tomatoes are one of life's treasures!