Irony 6:25 PM

I sit at the computer playing Word Twist. I am, if truth be told, addicted to this game on Facebook. I click to play another game noting that it is nearing 9 and I have to shower before we are picked up to catch the train into the city for two shows.

The clothes are safely in the dryer. I know it won't take long to shower. My ride to the train is notoriously fifteen minutes late... I am safe to play a few more rounds if not a few more games.
The phone rings.
"I am early, are you ready to go?"
The next twenty minutes are spent showering, discovering that the clothes in the dryer are not yet dry, finding different clothes, getting my daughter out the door, and getting me out the door.
Perfect irony, I think as I take my seat in the car to ride to the train station. The one day he is on time is the day I anticipate and plan around his being 15 minutes late!