Silence of Snow 3:24 PM

I woke to note the silence. Without opening my eyes, I knew that there was snow. Not just a little snow, but a few inches. There is something that happens when snow falls overnight. A lightness. A silence. The world is transformed in so many ways.
I kept my eyes closed listening. I wondered at the difference between the silence this morning and the silence I observe on those rare occasions that we lose electricity. The silence this morning was nearly as pure as that silence; nearly as clean and refreshing.
I reveled in the silence. Resisting every temptation to run to the window and look out to see just how much snow had fallen. Torn between the excitement of a snow day that my daughter experiences and the restraint of an adult.
The urge to see, to bask, to wonder proved too great. Eyes opened, I moved out of bed and beheld snow... inches and inches of snow.

4 Thoughts:

GirlGriot said...

Nice. There really is something different in the quality of sound after an overnight snowfall, isn't there? And the light is different, too. I love that you gave yourself the moment to savor that silence.

LiteracyTeacher said...

Where are you that you had so much snow?

Virginia Belle said...

I am in Virginia - and two inches in a lot of snow here though we actually received more than five last night!

This exercise is wonderful for making me stop and consider the different moments of the day!

snowflakes said...

I love the way snow makes the world so magical.